A wall-mounted clock that looks like a mirror 

部屋を映す一枚の鏡、に見えますが時計だけ反転していない? 実はこれ自体が壁掛け時計なのです。時計以外の風景は印刷された一枚の写真ですが、針だけは立体で動いています。だまし絵的なインテリア雑貨です。

It looks like a mirror that reflects the room, but only the clock is turning. The truth is, this is actually a wall-mounted clock. Apart from the clock, the rest of the scenery is a printed photograph, and just the hands of the clock are solid and moving. It’s a trick art interior decoration.


Sandwich Bookmark 


A set of bookmarks based on sandwich ingredients. Just like a sandwich, a book should be devoured while it’s fresh!


Cat Fork 


This is a fork that has a cat’s silhouette. No delicious foods shall get away from it.


Piano-type keyboard 


Piano-type keyboard for touch-typing. It has piano keyboard design instead of words. If you type with this keyboard, you seem as if you play piano so well.


High-Five automatic door advertisement


This automatic door has a life-size ad sticker of star player. Touch sensor button is located higher than its usual height and you need to do high-five with him or her to get through the door. If you are a child or don’t have enough height and can’t reach them, give him or her your best jump and high-five.


Beer Post It


The part of forth can use as a post it. Don’t worry. It doesn’t disappear gradually like real beer forth.

チアフル ワインバッグ

Cheerful Wine Bag 


If you have this bag, you look like you carry the glass or try to pull the cork. This bag makes your time on a way home with wine a bit enjoyable. 


Manga Mirror 


You can take part in a Manga world and be a character.Wash hands and face and adjust clothes with them!


Bleeding Pin


Why don’t you use this pin to put your favorite horror movie poster on your wall? The wall looks like it’s bleeding, isn’t it? Do not put these pins on a photographic portrait or poster of movie stars.


Typewriter Tissue box case 


Simple tissue case got retro atmosphere. Decorate your room with this retro typewriter tissue box case. When you sneeze, take out tissues instead of typing words. 


Extension Thumbstall for Smartphone 


Have you ever felt and experienced that smartphone is too big to handle it. When you use your cellphone with one hand, sometime it so hard to type buttons of the counter side because of the size of a smartphone. You may type wrong button unintentionally.This product can release you from these stressful malfunction and unhandiness. Smartphones have gradually gotten bigger and bigger these days.You definitely need this…..don’t you?


iPhone Kashiwa-mochi case


For a white iPhone user. This iPhone case makes your iPhone look delicious just like a Kashiwa-mochi(Japanese traditional rice cake wrapped in oak leaves) Also we prepared a special standby screen.


Foot massage-Scale


This is a complex of and Western and Orient cultures. This scale has small projections on its surface to stimulate your foot. If you get on the scale, you can measure your weight and body fat with stimulating pressure point of the foot that is really good for your health. The result of a measurement will send to your mobile phone with Wi-Fi so you can manage your body condition easily.

Practical Flyer (place mat)



Do you think if you make a flyer inserted in a newspaper, everybody read it? No it not. Almost all flyers have taking no notice at all. Therefore we think, if the flyer has some practical function, maybe there will be a chance to be read and look.

Disposable Olive Oil



Have you ever wondered that you want to eat fresh olive oil anytime you want? This packed olive oil has enough amounts for single use and can keep freshness. You can enjoy fresh olive oil anytime.